Are there energy transport mechanisms that are untouched or only changed slightly by any ‘known’ effect from CO2 on Climate?

The Climate system consists of two paths that energy entering the system has a way of eventually leaving it.


The short, fast, local, vertical path to space.  This method reacts in Minutes.

It is interesting to note that we are often closer vertically to space than we are to the nearest human habitation horizontally.

Easy thing for mind/eye to ‘forget’ if things get presented (squashed) to make them ‘fit’ the page.

That path has been laboratory demonstrated to be a potential problem concerning CO2’s effects on Climate.


The long, slow, global, horizontal path to the poles and thence to space. This method reacts in Years to Centuries and beyond.

There appears to be no direct CO2 mechanism that can effect this horizontal movement. The ‘glass’ is thinner at the poles and the vertical distance to travel shorter there as well when it gets there. Any CO2 effects are correspondingly reduced. These are the last tailings of energy though. Some have been ‘stored’ in water, ice or Biology for a while and then released later elsewhere. The rest have been ‘’lost’ vertically on the way here.

Sure this may be a greenhouse, but it is a greenhouse without side walls and it is continuously shuttling from side to side centred over some spot on the ground. The panes of ‘glass’ above your head may not be fitted together well also.

The thickness of the ‘glass’ overhead may or may not be changing, but that does not mean that the temperature of the space underneath will rise indefinitely, or indeed statistically measurably change at all except, just maybe, in the VERY long term.

It’s like a rock being placed into a stream on the edge of a waterfall. Big rock, small stream, large effect. Same rock, large stream (same depth), hardly any or no difference at all.

How wide is the Climate ‘stream’? How big is the CO2 ‘rock’?


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