Sorting ‘hats’

From a thread of comments on Roy Spencer’s site.

So what I take from this conversation is this interesting but potentially boring observation

Gravity sorts Mass downwards
Gravity sorts High Energy upwards

Vortex sort Mass outwards
Vortex sort High Energy outwards as well

They are most obviously not the same force, although they have similar outcomes on Mass.


2 thoughts on “Sorting ‘hats’

  1. Hi RichardLH, Been scanning down and somethings you write are not in my wheelhouse. But a fact is that I did get a letter to the editor of Popular Science published in which I gave my explanation of how the vortex tube separated ‘hot’ (fast moving) molecules from ‘cold’ (slow moving) molecules by the application of the centrifugal effect. This was in the seventies somewhere.

    It is obvious that you have talents which I do not have. Based upon what I have scanned I believe we have some similar interests and when I finally get to the end of this, I will make some more comments.

    Have a good day, Jerry

    • See my explanation about gravity and vortex that I used to puncture Doug Cotton’s pompous balloon. Should be right down your street. đŸ™‚ It’s below somewhere on the blog.

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