Turing, Tutte, Flowers, computers and what you probably do not know

Everybody has probably heard of Turing, Enigma and code breaking at Bletchley Park.

Here is a story that was only declassified in 2006 which is why you may never have heard of it.


This a reprise of on old post of mine which I have updated because I wished to give some facts to a visitor who did not know them.

Worth a look as it is delivered by the man himself, in his own modest words. With humour.

An hours worth of  a Academic video of a ‘by request’ lecture.




P.S. I suppose I should declare some knowledge about this. I worked on a similar procedure as a commercial classified project many, many years after all this, but before it was declassified.



2 thoughts on “Turing, Tutte, Flowers, computers and what you probably do not know

  1. Nice pictures of Turing et al. but somehow I heard nothing about the poles being first to decipher the Enigma code and bringing it all to Britain. For a while they were stuck in Paris where nobody understood what was going on. There would not have been any Bletchley Park without them.

    • I think you will find that the Poles decryption of the commercially available machine which the Germans later adopted is acknowledged in the stories above.

      I do not wish to seek to denigrate any of the people concerned.

      Most of those who made the biggest strides are the ones you know nothing about. That’s what history does. Up until 2006 anyway on this story.

      My story of this come years after Tutte had left for aboard. I never met the man, but had reason to study what he did and how he did it.

      Useful insights that have informed many decisions down the years. And you cannot say why or how, ever. Only now can I say about somethings. Others I will have to contain.

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