A sadness about Climate Science

I suppose my biggest sadness is how the Climate Science world is so ready to dismiss a view from outside their own discipline.
No matter that scientific engineers and engineers who fashion the instruments they rely on rather do understand what the problems are with what they have built, its limitations and uncertainties.
Me, I’m from one of the more recent sciences, computing. I’ve spent a working lifetime trying to figure out why what I or others thought I/they had told a machine wasn’t what the machine thought I/they said.
An often boring and incredibly detailed task on try to balance in your head why this little virtual clockwork engine that had been carefully constructed, always fell apart on wet Wednesdays.
A trained Logician. A training like we probably have not seen since the Greeks.
I am the ‘Harry’ you call in, exactly like he was, to do ‘job for hire’ Implementation tasks instead of a Systems Design one you really need.
Have multiple languages at my command, though don’t ask me to look at Fortran or R. One I mostly forgot many years ago, but, if you have the need, I can polish that up real quick if you have a job in mind you’ll pay me for. The R I’m still learning and so, although most Consultancy work is getting experience at the expense of clients, I’m too old to play that game anymore.
My training teaches that one of the most important tasks you undertake is to try and see what, if any, assumptions have been made. They are bad, very, very bad. That’s GIGO immediately.
Then onto DIGO. Working out why the data you supplied did not provide the results expected.
That little virtual clockwork engine again. With tools and hints along the way as to where the problem lies. On multiple machines hooked up in an occasional connected networking world.
A living, breathing space, with many dynamic unknowns. That may never be fully known.
So detailed and careful also is my approach to climate science. Start from the basics and work from there.
See what the overall effects are on the data supplied. Here it is likely to be uncertain or wrong.
Working from experience that goes from remembering when weather charts were b/w cartoons of what we thought would happen tomorrow. Paper temperature records because that was all there was.
And the watching the sciences based on our collective computing work spring into glorious life.
So I think I have a right to be here. With serious question about what is being done. Expecting serious consideration instead of a servant like dismissal.


4 thoughts on “A sadness about Climate Science

  1. Richard LH,
    You have made some superb analysis and added a refreshing insight into the climate discussion. You and Evan likely caught John N. Gammons attention which is good for both sides willing to elevate the science.

    I suspect that you are running into the “typical not invented here” resistance. Your approach is different but you are also pretty articulate. You have people thinking about your analysis and likely (more than you think) many like the inference you make. You disassemble problems like Robert G. Brown of Duke University who is also an outsider that is smart. Maybe it is because your backgrounds has common challenges. Climate scientists should should be forced to study optical physics, use Nyquist, and stay out of politics but the money is hard to refuse. Like most fields science has it Bell Curve and people taken with themselves. You have been a positive addition to the conversation. Keep it up and have some fun!!!!


  2. I like your seemingly minimalist approach. Regarding climate science, “Those who believe need no proof and for those who doubt no amount of proof is enough”. I don’t know who said it but it seems to fit both sides quite well,no?

    • I think I like my Stevenson early steam engine against FRS saying everybody would suffocate as the best mind picture of what I see going on.

      All very Victoriana. Little science to back it at the end of the day. See my Gaia ice skater elsewhere. Nature is bigger than most people think. There is an incredible amount of energy in rotational momentum storage in the system, More than enough to account for all the heat/cool periods. The missing heat is probably there all right. Just at the bottom at the Equator as cold, cold water. Not all energy is heat you know.

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