A set of tools

A set of logical tools to examine scientific problems.

  1. X ≋ 1/X
  2. 0 : ∞
  3. x : o
  4. P = 1/f

Four ‘rules’

  1. We ‘see’ relatively through the equals sign
  2. Results can be constructed from either Function or Table Lookup
  3. Relative compares to relative via absolute compares to absolute and up again
  4. When looking through the equals, terms can be ‘pushed or pulled’ from below or above on the far side to stand with the viewpoint adopted.
  5. Zero is a duality that stand outside normal maths. It kills equations. As does ∞. its duality cousin.
  6. Zero can be arrived at via addition and subtraction. It then may turn into the duality it really is or remain as a useful observation.
6 Observations.
God The Geometer

“When he established the heavens I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the deep:”

See x = 1/x

He may not be the only one to look from this perspective, I just happen to have stepped back one pace too far, that’s all.




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