The duality of 0 : ∞

There are very few unique sets of objects. 0 : ∞ falls as one of them.

We are told that

1/∞ = 0


1/0 = ∞

that x = 1/x thing again, but in both directions.

They are also unique in other ways. They were not represented at all in the ‘old’ ratio maths. They are not really ‘numbers’ in any sense in any numbering system. They ‘muck up’ equations so that special rules have to be invented to take care of that. They almost seem interchangeable.

But Zero then becomes awkward. You can create it simply by addition and subtraction. If it happens to remain the passive observation you require, all is well. Should it somehow change into its slippery alter-ego then….

So what scientific perspective does this provide?

Well a potential answer to the simple question, ‘How big is the Universe Daddy?’.

In an X space the answer is +∞ to -∞ in all directions.

In  a 1/X space, well it is probably the distance between the ends of the compass in all those religious paintings. Or the space between your own two hands when placed apart.

Same space, different viewpoint is all.

Looking in, not looking out.

Who is to say that, as such a place does exist, beings do or do not inhabit it? I certainly have no data. A singularity contemplating the duality below and all it contains could well exist.


0 : Infinity?

from an email conversation on the above

“My interest in science and I thought you had an interest in science and I thought we were in agreement that religion should have no relationship to science.  Was I wrong about this?”

“Mine too. I just observed that a 1/x view of time and space allows a ‘god like’ view of the Universe. The space between your hands held apart can be Infinity in both directions if you consider the space between as being infinitely sub-dividable. I claim nothing. I only observe. And those religious paintings and Mason symbol. Have they been seeing that all along?

Now that would be bringing religion and science to a common viewpoint! It a proper, scientific way. If the 1/x view exists, as it does, then I have no powers to look around and say the space is empty.”
The space between zero and infinity is infinitely sub-dividable from either  view, looking out and looking in. Your choice.



2 thoughts on “The duality of 0 : ∞

  1. Q: Is that equation falsifiable? If so, what does it mean?

    And the conclusion is too much of a “what if” for my taste. If those ‘beings’ can or can’t exist, show us. Just speculating provides no answers, and no increase in knowledge.

    • People still seem to think of 0 as a number, rather than a concept.

      They also think of infinity as being impossible to contemplate.

      This is an observation that you can infinitely sub-divide the space between the ends of the compass and still have all the numbers between + and – infinity represented in there as well.

      A, one further pace back view of space. Looking in, not out.

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