How did Newton ‘see’ Gravity?

We all know the story of the apple and the discovery of Gravity. Repeated again and again down the years in different stories.

But ask yourself this simple question,

“What logical steps and observations did he use to get to that conclusion from any observations he could have made of an apple falling from branch to ground?”

Do you ever consider that question at all?

Do you consider that question to be worthy of further thought?

I do.

I have a very simple observation too, I can see a path of logic which may possibly have been how it was achieved. A logical path that explains but does not assume.

How long does it take for the apple to fall half way between the branch and the ground? Does it take less time below half way than above it? Does that mean a continuing application of force? An acceleration?

Have I just seen what he saw?

I do not know but the explanation stands for me.



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