Numbers are funny things

I am sure you have seen the blog posts about zero and infinity, well lets look at the numbers in between.

One view, the X view, is that if you want to create a coin say, you need to add more and more of them as the populations grows. Each has to something to pay for what they eat.

So each year you add more and more of whatever precious metal or whatever you need as coins. A bigger and bigger pile each year. Run to stand still.

How about in a 1/X space though?

Well then it becomes slightly more manageable.

Each year you collect up all of the coins. Every last one. You crush or melt them all together and then reissue the larger number of smaller coins for this year. No extra metal at all, all are happy. Still able to trade but no more bigger and bigger pile of trinkets.

And after 10 years or so we change the picture on the front and back, readjust the values we say they are worth and issue larger coins this year with more value to match the price increases. A one off devaluation that changes nothing.


So X or 1/X?




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