Newtonian Relativity?


An interesting alternative point of view is also possible. Logically the same as the currently accepted view.

The current viewpoint is in what I call an X space.

Plus infinity to minus infinity in all directions.

How about a 1/x space instead as a viewpoint.

In that case the (c2 v2) term attached to M in the conventional view on the RHS becomes instead a F/(c2 v2) on the LHS
That term now lies with Maxwell’s equations rather than Newton’s which does seem more logical

Still the same mathematical outcome though.
Indistinguishable from the current view by maths or experiment.

A very very different viewpoint That is still logically the same space.
There appears at first glance no way to prove or disprove this state of affairs.


1/gamma = (1 – v^2 / c^2)^(1/2)

F/gamma = ma

Law ii(a)