Three body, Sun, Earth, Moon plot

With apologies to the Wiki


A better way to look at gravitational potential in 1/x?


P.S. Entropy is at the bottom in that plot, isn’t it? And it would be nice to ‘see’ inside the bodies themselves. What is the potential at the centre? The Pressure is high but the Gravity and Rotational are low.

But Pressure always balances Gravity anyway. I wonder how far that equation goes, galactically speaking? And I suppose the concepts of viscosity and non-gravitational attraction or repulsion are also possibly present at that scale too.

So to get back to Entropy (or the Big Bang?), you have to give up all the energy it took to get you to here in the first place. Now that’s Relativity for you!

And if you add in the mass to energy conversion that Relativity describes then the vertical scale is going to need to be just a little bit bigger!


From an email conversation:

“If you consider energy. All energy. Then the no energy entropy state is 0. At the bottom of those graphs. The rest is a ‘available energy in kinetic or static form’.”





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