Questions of the day

How wide is a photon and how do we know?

Are background microwave radiation and red-shift linked instead via 90 degree ish expression of one from the other?


2 thoughts on “Questions of the day

  1. About your first question Feynman (pp 32-8,9 Vol ! Feynman Lectures on Physics) possibly has answer. “If the water drop gets so big that from one end to the other is a wavelength or so, then the atoms are no longer all in phase because they are too far apart.” How do we know? He made a demonstration for his students which supported the theory he taught. If you have ever seen raw milk that has set undisturbed for long enough, the cream (fat) will rise to the to top and the skim milk below will appear bluish. If you then shake the bottle container the fat particles will mix with the skim milk and its color will be near white if not pure white. The colloidal milk particles must be smaller (have a diameter) the wavelength of blue light or less according to his simple scattering theory and the noncolloidal fat globules are larger than the wavelength of red light according to his theory. No these observations do not prove his simple theory is correct but they certainly prove that it is not wrong.

    About the second question I have no knowledge worth expressing.

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