So many views from the same spot,54.22,405,54.22,405,54.22,405,54.22,405,54.22,405,54.22,405,54.22,405,54.22,405

Which ones are interesting? All of them IMHO



One thought on “So many views from the same spot

  1. “Which ones are interesting? All of them IMHO”

    Here I am going to state something which I might regret. First I qualify my answer by stating I do not know what the word ‘interesting’ implies. What I see are effects and I have no idea from the images what the effects’ causes might be. We have been here before but specifically cause and effect has not been directly addressed. I consider the parts of the whole are necessary to understand the whole. So just looking at these images I have to make assumption upon assumption was to what the causes of this motion I see might be. And unless I have studied micro (relative to the world) systems, I do not even know what the possible causes might be.

    No, I will never regret what I just wrote. And I consider none of them to be interesting because I know I have not begun to understand even the general causes of the effects that can be seen. Just because something is ascetically pleasing to the eye does not ‘prove’ their scientific value. And I consider a problem is scientists can make their data look pleasing to the eye but it only produces the illusion that the scientist actually understands something. Maybe I will regret this last statement.

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