A point of view


So this is a well known observation but I think worth repeating.

The scenario is this

A boat is sitting in the middle of a pond floating freely

There is a heavy anchor in the boat

If the  anchor is thrown over the side does the water level at the edge of the pool

  1. Go up.
  2. Go down
  3. Stay the same.
The choice is yours.
Please only answer with numbers, not explanations or other comments. Leave it as a puzzle for others.
My answer is 10 words long (4 as a minimalist). So word count matters. And if you already know the answer, please say so that others know that.
e.g. 1 (15)
or 1 (15) Already Known
or 1 (6) Googled it
My answer is: ?? (10 or 4) worked it out without Google or other help. Was taught it in school.
i.e. ‘Already known’ so that cheating is not allowed and ‘via Google’ if you got it that way.

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