Some history

My Great Grandfather was a Chief Engineer in Northumberland (I think). Pit work.

My Grandfather was a Chief Designer for W&S if you look though the History hard enough (1927).

My Farther (still alive) worked in mechanical engineering in Rugby (hence my time in Northamptonshire) his whole life.

My Uncle was the well respected John Linsley Hood who’s audio work on early HiFi transistor circuits forms most of what I know about audio signals. The design as well as the outcomes.

I have spent my entire working lifetime in Computer Science (an engineering discipline as well as a theoretical one).

I have been trained through all that to be what I am today.  A trained logician (and Engineer). I have them to thank (ala Newton)

And computing which I chose has allowed me to study those who are much greater than I can ever be. Allowed me to see the outcomes of their thoughts. A privilege indeed.




3 thoughts on “Some history

  1. .Really enjoyed the history you shared. When I went to post this I did not look to see if the computer had become unconnected to internet and had the same problem as before I did manage to copy what I had written. Any hints what I should do beyond before posting check the internet connection?

    Began to write something which I already had. Caught it and that demonstrates I am learning. But I am proud of fact that my bother continued to farm, that his son continued to farm with him as my bother got his start by farming with his father, and my nephew’s son is graduating form South Dakota State University with a four-year degree and will continue the farming operation that my bother and nephew grew beyond any plans that my bother had when I went away to graduate school now that my brother has retired (not really although he is 85). And it is a strong possibility that my nephew’s second son will join the family operation next year after graduating from the same college.

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