The Initials? RLH

Well that’s a family tradition. As far as I can remember, all of my family tree have signed, log books, design notes, mechanical diagrams, electronic circuits, anything that required approval or authorship, in the same way, with their initials.





that I know of.

So RLH is natural


Mum took on the Linsley when she got married and always signed herself HELH


Details so far:

Isabella Linsley-HoodIsabella Linsley-Hood
Isabella Linsley-Hood married George Linsley-Hood.
William Hood married Isabella Linsley on 3rd May 1885 at Gainford, County Durham.
They had 2 children: John Linsley-Hood and one other child (my father).
They chose to use and give their children both their names, hence Linsley Hood in all of ours. They never actually changed their surnames to Linsley-Hood so the Linsley has always been taken as an additional Christian name. (1911 census confirms this as William entered his own and Isabella’s names just as Hood but George William Linsley Hood).
I think I would like to have met Isabella.
This where me and my brother grew up after we moved from Brixton, London. Leander Road.
My Mum was the Head teacher and Dad worked in Rugby at British Thomson Houston later merged with GEC, the remnants of which exist today as Marconi Corporation plc.
My schooling was at
“Pocklington School is an independent school in Pocklington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It was founded in 1514 by John Dolman”
“British colonization of the Americas began in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia”
“Wilberforce HouseĀ (named after the 18th/19th century anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce who attended the school”
and then later at (Stafford)
The polytechnic developed traditional strengths of the component institutions, e.g. ceramics (Stoke-on-Trent), computing (Stafford)
In September 1988 the institution changed its name to Staffordshire Polytechnic. In 1992 it became Staffordshire University, one of the new Universities
and finally my Masters (Distinction) at
Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment
The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, based in Millennium Point, is a national centre of excellence for learning, innovation and technology transfer.
(Thanks Mum and Dad)

LINSLEYHOOD, GEORGE WILLIAM, 1888, 1973, 1973, Deaths & burials, Taunton, Somerset, England

and my brother’s research into this is




3 thoughts on “The Initials? RLH

  1. Re Linsley-Hood. Who put the hyphen in? (and when) I have always thought of my surname as Hood and Linsley as a third Christian name. I always sign myself as…
    Peter Hood.

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