‘Wars’ I have seen

Valve : Transistor

Analogue : Digital

Filters : Statistics

Betamax : VHS

Z80 : 6502

Msdos : Linux

C : C++

Windows : Mac

Android : Apple

Stream : Event

Push : Pull

Bandwidth : Cost

Time : Money

Oh the Humanity!


{Warmist : Sceptic }




5 thoughts on “‘Wars’ I have seen

  1. Have no idea about Z80:6502
    Need to have you tell me about Stream-Event, and Push-Pull to confirm if my guesses are near correct.
    The others I believe I understand.

  2. Z80 6502 comes from very early consumer PCs. Both camps were certain they were right as to them being where computing would go. Many words said. Many tomes written. Some impartial. A lot of stuff was opinion rather than fact. Seem familiar?

  3. Stream/Event and Push/Pull is about how to deliver incoming data. One provides an event which says new data, the other waits around for it rather than doing soft interrupts.

    The interesting thing is that they both end up doing the same thing. Just the way you implement it differs. Can be hard to convince some people of that ‘fact’.

    After all when you stop to think about it, the code the CPU runs looks nothing like the code you wrote and so your perception of the solution and someone else’s may end up quite close at actual CPU level even if the language, design, implementation, etc. are all different at the ‘human end’.

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