Anglo Saxon onwards, Binsey

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For a hamlet of less than 100 people. Now that is Anglo Saxon right there.

“These would appear to have been the stockin-trade of a merchant-founder, the same man whose everyday equipment may be represented in the second hoard (Pl. VIII 1) found in Burgess’s Meadow, an enclosure lying on the eastern edge of Port Meadow on a line that leads across the meadow to an ancient ford of the Thames at Binsey. In it were broken implements, two looped and socketed lance-heads, a bar of bronze, a crude knife, a tanged chisel, a socketed hammer, and, lastly, a palstave from the same mould as those found at Leopold Street. That the implements were actually cast in Oxford cannot be proved, but others cast in the same mould were traded far afield. One such, now in the British Museum, has the Isle of Thanet as its provenience, while another in private hands found at Vernham’s Dean, Hants, was recognized by Mr. Crawford.”


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