And later

The Great Mouse Detective was the first animated film to be aided by CG.
Pixar purchased from Lucasfilm by Steve Jobs
X-Window System (MIT Project Athena)
Trancept Systems founded by Nick England and Mary Whitton – graphics board for Sun
CGI group starts at Industrial Light and Magic (Doug Kay and George Joblove)
Softimage founded by Daniel Langlois in Montreal
Sun Microsystems goes public
mental images founded in Berlin
Computer Associates acquires ISSCO
Microsoft goes public (IPO raises $61M; share prices go from $21 to $28)
Apple IIgs introduced
Silicon Graphics Incorporated IPO
SGI IRIS 3000 (MIPS processor)
Turner Whitted receives the 1986 ACM SIGGRAPH CG Achievement Award
Waldo project introduces motion capture (Digital Productions)
Kajiya’s Rendering Equation (Ref: Kajiya, James T. The Rendering Equation. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 86 Proceedings) 20(4) August 1986, p. 143-150.)
Omnibus assumes Robert Able & Associates and Digital Productions in hostile takeovers by John Pennie and investors
Whitney/Demos Productions founded
Intel introduces 82786 graphics coprocessor chip ; Texas Instruments introduces TMS34010 Graphics System Processor
Luxo Jr. nominated for Oscar (first CGI film to be nominated – Pixar)
TIFF (Aldus)
Scitex founded for prepress
It started on 24 January 1986 when some 6,000 newspaper workers went on strike after protracted negotiation with their employers
The PS156 Digital  Wirephoto Storage Systems continued to work and be used in production before, during and after the strike.
As I say, strange.

One thought on “And later

  1. Clicked your link to discover which OSU and by googling Wayne E. Carson OSU discovered not only Ohio State University but also more information about him. And what I assume about your post was that somehow, as a computer geek, you were involved in what you referred to. Further validating my initial conclusion that your efforts have made some significant contributions to what might be termed computer science (?).

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