Some context for 1984 and wirephoto

1984 and computer graphics
Robert Able & Associates produces the 1st computer generated 30 second commercial used for Super Bowl (Brilliance)
Wavefront Technologies is the first commercially available 3D software package (founded by Mark Sylvester, Larry Barels and Bill Kovacs )
Thomson Digital Image (TDI) founded
Jim Clark receives the 1984 ACM SIGGRAPH CG Achievement Award
International Resource Development report predicts the extinction of the keyboard in the next decade
A-buffer (or alpha-buffer) introduced by Carpenter of Lucasfilm
Distributed ray tracing introduced by Lucasfilm  (Ref: Cook, Robert L., Thomas Porter and Loren Carpenter. Distributed Raytracing. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 84 Proceedings) 18(3) July 1984, p. 137-145. )
Cook shading model (Lucasfilm)  (Ref: Cook, Robert L. Shade Trees. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 84 Proceedings) 18(3) July 1984, p. 223-231. )
14.5 minute computer generated IMAX film (The Magic Egg) shown at SIGGRAPH 84 – 18 teams; 20 segments
Universal Studios opens CG department
First Macintosh computer is sold; introduced with Clio award winning commercial 1984 during Super Bowl
McDonnel Douglas introduces the Polhemus 3Space digitizer and body Tracker
The Cornell Box invented by Cohen
Radiosity born – Cornell University (Ref: Goral, Cindy M., Kenneth E. Torrence, Donald P. Greenberg and Bennett Battaile. Modeling the Interaction of Light Between Diffuse Surfaces. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 84 Proceedings) 18(3) July 1984, p. 213-222. )
John Lasseter joins Lucasfilm
Motorola 68020
Digital Productions (Whitney and Demos) get Academy Technical Achievement Award for CGI simulation of motion picture photography
Lucasfilms introduces motion blur effects
Porter and Duff compositing algorithm (Lucasfilm) (Ref: Porter, Thomas and Tom Duff. Compositing Digital Images. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 84 Proceedings) 18(3) July 1984, p. 253-259.)
The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. (Lucasfilm)
suggested addendum
24 bit digital colour wirehoto images used in the press for the first time. Fleet Street, UK.

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