A close up of the Norman cut at Godstow?

Norman cut


“From Hinksey ferry to Wycroft on the eastern edge of Port Meadow the perambulation seems to have been more concerned with common of pasture than with fishing rights, although the town owned fisheries from Hythe Bridge to Godstow in 1556 and between Botley mill lock and Hinksey in 1582. (fn. 24) The mayor’s party went from Hinksey ferry to Botley mill and then along the Shire Lake (Seacourt stream) to Godstow, going round, as the 15th-century account stressed, Wyke, Binsey, Medley, Cripley, and Port Meadow, the last three of which were part of the burgesses’ common pasture in the early 12th century. (fn. 25) The 19th-century boundary differed slightly from the earlier one, leaving Shire Lake at Godstow holt to follow another stream a few yards further east, rejoining Shire Lake as it entered the Thames above Godstow Bridge.”


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